Monday, May 23, 2011


I had the wonderful opportunity to design the campaign materials for my niece's recent run for the queen of her school, Miss Jones High. It was a great week! Of course, I love to see my designs in action, so below are images from her campaign week. Oh, did I mention? SHE WON!!!! 

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Javonni's Wonderfully Made Campaign Week

(Picture 1) Flyer Fans-These fun "messages on a stick" were great to show off and promote the candidate.
(Pictures 2 and 3) Flyers in a cups- Flyers placed in the souvenir cups were a great touch.
(Picture 4) Lollipops on a Flyer- How simple and effective are lollipops on a flyer? You can't go wrong with that.
(Pictures 5 and 6) Flyers full of pride- Javonni showed off her school pride on these flyers in the school colors.
(Pictures 7,8,and 9) Flyers, oh so sweet- Flyers were placed on tubs of cotton candy and were given to potential voters.

More from her campaign to follow....

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