Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Four questions to ask yourself as you refine (or redefine) your niche

What am I passionate enough about that I could write about it frequently? (passion) - There are quite a few things but I like to give my clients (readers) background/details about the particular design I've created. I would also like to start being more informative about designing in general (i.e. Sharing the importance of branding your business with a logo, what your invitations "say" about your wedding day)

What am I an expert (or want to become an expert) on? (expertise) - I would like to become an expert in blog design.

Who would find this topic useful or interesting? (audience, market)- Anyone looking for a new or updated design for their blog.

What do I want to become known for through my blog ? (reputation/brand) - Being knowledgeable of what I do, professionalism, and branding

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