Friday, March 25, 2011


I received some very encouraging words from one of my dear online buddies and fellow sister in Christ, Shenina. I can't express how much a kind word means to me. I asked her of I could share what she sent and she gave me the thumbs up. Her words, below.

Just stopping through to encourage you to continue moving ON! Just because "it" hasn't happened yet (whatever your "it" may be), doesn't mean it won't! This business is blessed by God & will prosper in more ways than you can count. Whether it last for a season or a lifetime, remember to do everything for the Glory of God & he will see to it that you get whatever it is you stand in need of! These graphics are truly Wonderfully Made...and I'm glad about it :-)

For those of you who are business owners or just starting out in your business, I'm sure you understand how tough it can be in the beginning stages. I'm also sure you can testify to how important it is/was for someone to believe in what you're doing and actually encourage you in your endeavors. Well, that's exactly what Shenina's words meant to me. Her message gave me that added push to continue moving on.


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  2. Audrey, and I meant every single solitary word from the bottom of my heart! When you are faithful to God, he will be faithful to you! I know how far encouraging words will go, therefore I don't mind giving them because I too need that same encouragement from time to time! Keep pressing & doing it all for God's glory. He will definitely reward you in due time. On the days you want to give up, remember your *purpose* behind what you are currently doing. That always seems to get me together, lol!